Copywriting Services

An excellent copy is at the core of a successful web presence for all businesses. It is used to communicate with the target audience and convince them to take an affirmative action.

Copywriting services

An excellent copy is at the core of a successful web presence for all businesses. It is used to communicate with the target audience and convince them to take an affirmative action. The action could be anything - engaging with a piece of content, opening an email, clicking on a link, subscribing to the newsletter, placing an inquiry, or buying products or services, etc. Copy plays a crucial role in the digital success of any business. Many studies have shown that altering the copy of the landing page can increase the conversion rate by 100% or more.

The UdeePi Advantage

The world is changing at a super fast pace. The consumers' behavior and preferences are also evolving with time. As a first step to delivering a super awesome copy, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your business. It includes extensive research about your customers, target audience profiling, their needs and wants, competitors' strategies, and existing text of the site. The review also helps us in identifying your Unique Selling Proposition and potential improvement areas. The audit becomes a stepping stone to devise a robust communication strategy.

Our copywriters and editors come from a diverse range of industries and are widely recognized as the subject matters experts in their respective domain. They have extensive experience in your area of expertise which helps them communicate efficiently with your target audiences. They will put your thoughts into the persuasive copy which will encourage your visitors to perform a desired set of actions.

Your business is unique. So should be your communication style. Since our copywriters have extensive experience in your domain, they can map your audience profile efficiently. Based on the mapping, we create users' persona which represents your customers accurately. A compelling and informative copy is then written to connect directly with your audience. This Copywriting strategy helps your business to establish a personal connect with your prospects. Since the information provided clearly depicts what the customers want, it instantly grabs their attention. Moreover, this Copywriting strategy is effective in increasing the brand recall.

In simple words, through copy, we speak to your customers in their language. This can only be possible if copywriters have a deep understanding of your clients. At UdeePi, copywriters are not just writers but also domain experts. Therefore, with our Copywriting services, you will demonstrate your expertise to your audience most effectively.

The objective of Copywriting is not just to convey a message to your audience, but also to persuade them to perform some actions. Our copywriters conduct extensive research and use their decades of experience and domain expertise to write persuasive copy that induces your customers to act. Their actions will help you achieve your business objectives.

We adopt the following approach to writing a convincing copy for your business

  • Simple, Clear and Attractive Headlines

    Almost 80% of your visitors just read the headlines. If they don't find the title interesting, they will move to the next section or the next page. This result in a mere 5-7% of visitors who read the substantial part of the content. Therefore, a headline is the heart of a persuasive copy.

    We spend a significant time in joining the dots and writing headlines that generate curiosity in your audience. Based on our audit and assessment of your business, we use research-backed numbers in the headlines to make them compelling. We also ensure that the titles are short, crisp and to-the-point so that they can instantly grab the eyeballs.

  • Influencing Users' attitude

    Once enough curiosity is generated through the apt titles, the content must intend to influence customers' perception about your business. The copy should be written to build trust with the audience and not just for selling. In fact, an aggressive sales pitch may turn off your audience. Researches suggest that only 2% of the visitors make a purchase on their very first visit to a site. If your copy can generate the trust among your visitors, the remaining 98% may visit repeatedly, and a significant percentage of them end up buying your products.

    Thus, our copywriters ensure that the copy is useful in building trust between the business and the primary as well as the secondary audiences. The content adds value to your audience and helps them accomplish their goals on your website.

  • Write for Humans and Optimize for Search Engines

    Your paid marketing efforts only reach to a minuscule part of the entire target audience. It means that your offerings may have an enormous potential. However, your copy will not be seen by a significant part of the target audience through a paid campaign. Research suggest that almost 80% of the site visits initiate from a search engine. It implies that if your landing pages are not ranking well on search engines for some relevant keywords, you are missing a significant piece of the cake. Thus, you need to optimize the content for search engines. At the same time, you need to ensure that the quality of copy must not be compromised. Keyword stuffing to maintain a standard Keyword density deteriorates the value of the content for users.

    Our copywriters use the concept of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to write the copy for humans while optimizing it for search engines. Google search algorithm uses LSI to assess the quality and originality of the content. Thus, content written by our experts not only influence users' behavior but also tend to rank higher on search engines, especially on Google and Bing.

  • Strict adherence to the timeline

    Your business is our priority. We understand the importance of timely delivery of the copy for your business. Thus, we ensure that we deliver the work within the stipulated deadline.

  • Revision Request

    We follow the first-time-right approach where we strive to make sure that our very first version of the work exceeds clients' expectations. That is the reason that a majority of times our work is approved instantly. However, we do appreciate that the customers may ask for revisions until they are fully satisfied with the copy. Thus, we allow up to three review requests for once piece of work.

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