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Blog marketing

A blog is a powerful tool to attract new visitors. A significant portion of online relationships begins with a blog post. It works well for both, B2B as well as B2C businesses without any exceptions. If done properly, it can be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools.

Our Blog Marketing services include writing engaging blogs and pushing them aggressively on the internet. We devise a strategy to turn readers into email subscribers. The relationship that starts with a comment or email subscription leads to more sales and brand advocacy.

Our Advantages

We promote your blog through various methods such as social media, influencer outreach, search engine optimization, etc. to get more traffic to your blogs.

The process of marketing begins with a deep analysis of your blog, website, and the target audiences. Extensive research is conducted to gain insights from your competitors' strategy. We combine our years of experience, expertise and best practices to devise a comprehensive blog marketing strategy. It also includes a realistic traffic goal and a roadmap to achieve these aims.

We have an excellent track record of executing the strategy flawlessly and achieving campaign objectives. The content is optimized for search engines to ensure its high visibility among the relevant audience for an extended period. Thus, the blog will never lose the readership even after you stop its promotion. We also connect with other bloggers in the related field and collaborate with them to expand the reach of the blog.

The blogs are also pushed heavily on prominent social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Our blogs usually get a tremendous response from the relevant audience on the social media.

We use creative techniques to promote the blog across various platforms to maximize the exposure.

Many corporate blogs don't receive a single comment despite the excellent content. Comments are an important part of blog marketing as it has following advantages:

  • You will get fresh ideas from users with diverse backgrounds
  • More comments show that people read your posts. Thus, it is a proof of traffic
  • Feedback from your readers can inspire you to write better content. It can also help you refine your technique according to the feedback
  • You will build new connections and relationships
  • User generated content helps in SEO

Our blog marketing services are designed to increase readers' engagement. Thus, your blog post will get more comments from legitimate users which will lead to a greater authority and better search engine visibility of your blog. It will also create a perception of it being a popular blog among your target audience.

Users find more value in informative blog posts than the product or service pages of your website. The blog readers may not purchase your offerings immediately. However, when they are looking to buy the goods, your brand must be in their Consideration set. Thus, email marketing is an integral part of our Blog Marketing services.

Our Blog Marketing services are a powerful tool to increase the brand recall. We use the latest lead generation software to convert the blog leaders into the qualified prospects. The first step towards this is to build and grow a list of subscribers who are willing to receive your email newsletters. Our experts use cutting-edge email capturing tool along with a compelling call-to-action copy to convert more readers into the subscribers.

Double opt-in and other techniques are used to authenticate subscribers and ensure high quality of email list. Also, the email list is constantly updated to keep it fresh and avoid spam traps.

With our blog marketing services, you will experience a consistent growth of email subscription list. The multiplier effect of a large email audience will be clearly visible in site's traffic as well as new relationships.

We help you develop a pipeline of leads by combining email and blog marketing services. We use sophisticated technology to monitor the behavior of readers on the blog. All the subscribers are segregated into groups based on the various parameters such as their engagement with a promotional offer or a particular blog post. New content is published to educate the audience and advance them to the next stage in the sales pipeline. Our lead nurturing strategy has helped our customers reduce their cost of lead acquisition significantly.

Long Term Benefits

Blog marketing delivers the best return on investments in the long term. With our blog promotion services, your blog posts will get more traffic even after months or years of publishing them. Since the pay per click advertising is getting expensive with time, blog traffic will prove to be the most cost-effective way to generate relevant traffic in the future.

Blog popularity will establish your business as a thought leader in the industry. It will also help you gain more media exposure over time. Many businesses have used our Blog Marketing service as a key strategy to build an employer brand and attract the right talent. It has helped their employees to turn the best brand ambassadors for their business.

Analysis and Reporting

We primarily use Google Analytics to track and monitor the performance of blog marketing services. We integrate Google Analytics and the other Analytics provided by email marketing platforms to check the progress of the campaign from a single dashboard. Advanced analysis of the campaign provides very useful and actionable insights which are used to optimize the campaign.

A thorough analysis of the blog also suggests the kind of content which resonates well with the target audience and what doesn't work. Our Analytics team also monitors the behavior and attitude of new readers which is further useful to target paid campaigns. Thus, over time, you will see a dramatic increase in traffic, engagement and leads with the help of our blog marketing services.


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